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My name is Dave, I’m the Pitmaster in charge of Hector’s Smoke House. We are a Championship Winning Low Slow BBQ Team from Melbourne, Australia. We cook in KCBS and ABBQA competitions. This site contains recipes, foodpics, photos, a blog, news, Competition news and photos and reviews.

I first got into low and slow BBQ in 2013. Early in 2013 I had just ordered a new Weber Summit from the USA and out of the blue, on one of the Aussie BBQ Forums, I got an invite from GrillPro to attend a low and slow cooking demo from Andy Groneman (US Pitmaster). That was it, I was sold 🙂 So within a few weeks, I was the proud owner of a Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill. 

So began my love of low and slow. Over the next year, a lot of time went into research and practicing recipes. The hardest part was then to find suppliers of great cuts of meat, this part hasn’t been too easy, as it is very hard to get hold of the American cuts. I started talking to farmers and anyone else I could think of to get me great produce. I actually enjoyed this part, as much as I did BBQing. From this, I formed a great relationship with Sher Wagyu, Peter Bouchier and a few others, this has helped me a lot to get the right produce.

I was enjoying BBQ so much I bought a Komodo Kamado. I wanted to use real fire and the Komodo looked incredible, like a work of art 🙂 Then in the middle of 2014 I thought that I might enter some BBQ Competitions, I realised that I needed to change the Yoder to one with a Competition Cart and I also needed another BBQ for Comps, so bought a Primo XL Kamado. BBQs Plus were fantastic at supplying the best BBQ equipment in Melbourne and they decided they also wanted to sponsor my BBQ Team.

In early 2015 I decided to add a pure cabinet smoker to the collection but I wanted something that would be easy to use but would produce great smoke flavour. I also wanted something different so I bought a Stumps Classic Gravity Fed Smoker. I must admit that I’m very happy with all of the toys 🙂

So Hectors Smoke House BBQ Team is just me but I also have guest helpers in the Competitions, as well as help from my wife, she wants to get more involved in Comps. I do have a full time ‘normal’ job but am deciding whether I want to do some catering in the future or even hold some classes, in the minutes between doing my real work. Maybe in 4-5 years time, it might become more than a hobby? 

Hectors Smoke House have just taken their first business step into the BBQ World and are now importing the Arteflame Grill from the USA. The first products are due to land in September 2017. Please go over to our new site at Arteflame Australia for more details and pricing.


Before you ask, Hector was my nickname from 16, so that’s where the team name comes from. I was supposed to look like the dog on a UK kids show called Hectors House, you will see him on the logo, I don’t think I look too much like him but don’t mind the nickname 🙂
If you want to know anything or just want to chat about BBQ, drop me a line. I’m not an expert but I’m more than willing to pass on anything I’ve learned over the past few years.

This was a different use for Sher Wagyu Brisket. We had home made Baos, Pickled carrots and Radish, Brisket, Spring Onions, Coated Cashews and a home made Honey Soy Sauce. These were incredible. 😋
This was a proper family dinner, with all of us chipping in. Special task to Caleb’s GF Nikita for making the fluffy, delicious steamed Bao Buns.

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The finished article 😃 The Sher Wagyu Brisket had a great bark and smoke ring. It was tender and tasty. I don’t often eat a lot of the Brisket when we cook it but this was delicious.
The Pit Barrel Cooker Co. Australia is unreal for the money and it is perfectly paired with Kingsford Charcoal.
This took 8 hours on the PBC. 3 hours hung to 165f, wrapped to 195f then boated. The boating brought the temperature back down as the surface crisped up. We rewrapped for the last hour, it came off at 208f, when it probed like butter.

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After foiling the Sher Wagyu Brisket at 165f, Caleb pulled back the foil at around 195f to firm up the bark in the Pit Barrel Cooker Co. Australia. We had to do a slight top up of the Kingsford Charcoal after about 5-6 hours. ...

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The Sher Wagyu Brisket is going onto the Pit Barrel Cooker Co. Australia with Kingsford Charcoal original. Hung to 165f internal, wrapped in foil and then boated to firm up the bark. ...

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Caleb is smoking a Sher Wagyu Fullblood Brisket with a very simple rub. He used Worchestershire Sauce, Garlic Granules, Kosher Salt & Cracked Pepper (2:3 ratio) and Smoked Paprika. He is smoking the Brisket on the Pit Barrel Cooker Co. Australia ...

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