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3-2-1 Pork Ribs (St Louis Cut)

These were the very first pork ribs I did on the Yoder YS640, I have also done these on a normal gas BBQ but you must cook them on the indirect side. I spent plenty of time researching ways to grill pork ribs, the 3-2-1 method is very easy to follow for beginners. It needs 3 hours of cooking the ribs indirectly on the grill, then 2 hours to cook the ribs in foil and 1 hour to set the BBQ sauce.

This method can slightly change, 3-2-1 is for St Louis cut pork ribs, which are long ribs. 2-2-1 is for Baby Back Ribs, these are shorter, more curved and need less cooking time.

I had 2 different rubs, so wanted to try a rack of each and also did 1/2 of each rack with just the rub and the other half was wet with a BBQ sauce

First off I prepped the ribs by cutting them where I could feel the joint of the rib, I also trimmed off the ends and cooked these extras for the dog, boy was he happy 🙂

Onto each rib I applied some Frenchys American Mustard, rubbed it in, then sprinkled on the rub. I used a different rub on each rack, the bottom rack had Mad Hunkys GP rub and the top rack had BPS Money rub (both are available from BBQs Plus). The ribs were wrapped in cling film and put into the fridge for a couple of hours.









I set up the Yoder and water pan at 160F for the first hour before cranking up to 225F for the rest of the cook, I must admit that I don’t bother with a water pan now. The ribs then cooked with hickory and pecan smoke for 3 hours. Every hour I spritzed the ribs with a mixture of cider, cider vinegar and water. The ribs should cook for 3 hours or when the bark has set and cannot be picked off with a finger nail. At 2 hours I did sprinkle of some BPS Happy Endings Finishing Rub to the Money Ribs.

Once the ribs had cooked for 3 hours, I took them off of the grill and put them into double foil with a little butter applied, sprinkled with brown sugar, added some Honey and finally adding a 1/3 cup of Cheeky Rascal Apple and Raspberry Cider. The foil was then tightly wrapped around the ribs into air tight parcels.









After the ribs had been foiled for 2 hours at 225F, I took them off and applied some BBQ sauce onto both sides. Either use your own sauce or pick up a commercial sauce. The ribs were then cooked for a further 1 hour to set the sauce.

Just for my trial I did half of each rack wet and left half of the rack dry, just to see what the difference in taste was. You can see the difference on the photo below.









The bottom rack is Mad Hunky and the top rack is BPS Money.









Here are the finished ribs.

Anyway here is the taste test. The BPS ribs were quite spicy, in fact pretty hot. The MH ribs were delicious, a little sweeter but incredibly tasty. I did enjoy the dry ribs, they were great. I could definitely eat a full rack of dry ribs but the BBQ Sauce really lifted the flavours to a much higher level.

Out of the 4 different make ups, we all preferred the ribs with Mad Hunky GP with the BBQ sauce. However, saying that, I could very happily eat any of the flavour combinations we tried. All of them were fantastic 🙂

Have a go at doing your own ribs, you will love them, they are delicious.