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Rare Breed Pulled Pork








I managed to get hold of 2 Rare Breed Pork Shoulders from Greenvale Farms. Greenvale is in the Grampians and breeds Berkshire, Tamworth and Wessex Saddlebacks pigs. This was not the American Boston Butt cut but was close. This is the way to make great Pulled Pork








The first thing I did was make an injection. You can make your own concoction but typical things in the injection could be

  • Apple juice
  • Apple Cider
  • Brown Sugar
  • Salt
  • Worchestershire Sauce
  • Water
  • And whatever else you might think will go well with pork








You can then inject the shoulder with you concoction. You can buy simple food syringes from your BBQ store, BBQs Plus in Melbourne has them. Check out my guide to injectors Click Here

I use a pressure injector to get plenty of liquid into the shoulder. A good tip is to inject through the vacuum wrap to avoid spraying the liquid all over the kitchen.


You can rest the meat in the fridge with the injection applied. This can be for a minimum of 3 hours but could be overnight. Once you are ready to apply the rub, take the shoulder out of the wrap and wipe down. If you have an excess fat cap, now is the time to trim it down, after all you want the rub to penetrate the meat.








I tend to apply a mustard slather to the shoulder before the rub is applied. Although this is not essential, it helps the feb to stick to the meat.









Now is the time to liberally apply the rub to the meat. The front piece of shoulder had Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub, you can either use a commercial rub or make one up yourself. You should then leave the rub for a couple of hours before placing on the smoker.








I set the smoker temperature to 225F. In this instance, I placed the shoulders on the top shelf and placed an empty foil container underneath,  this was just to catch the drippings as I wanted to keep the smoker looking pretty nice. For dryer type meats, you could fill this with water to stabilise the temperature and provide moisture under the hood.









This was the shoulders after 8.5 hours, they were still only at 160F. Some people will wrap the shoulder at this point but it can soften your bark, it depends on what sort of bark you enjoy.









I took the shoulder off at around 195F internal temperature, I used an instant read thermometer to get the perfect temp. It is important to hit the temp but the feel is just as important. The internal temp is the most important part. These shoulders took 20 hours!!!!  Check out my guide to instant read thermometers, check here








After the shoulder had rested in foil for an hour it was then pulled. Once pulled I added some commercial BBQ Sauce to the pork and mixed it through.









The pork was served on Brioche Buns, I often add some homemade coleslaw as well. I’ll add the recipe another time.

I hope this helps you make some fantastic pulled pork.