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Smoked Beef Ribs

I wasn’t a great fan of smoked beef ribs in the past, I always found them fatty and a bit chewy. I’ve now realised it was down to two things

  • Not cooking them for long enough
  • The quality of the ribs

I spent 3 weeks earlier in the year finding the perfect smoked beef ribs and perfecting how to cook them. Here are my favourite ribs and how to cook them. The ribs came in a two pack, vacuumed in very think vaccy bag.








Each slab had around 5 ribs and were approx 2 kg each. The slabs looked great and just needed the tops and the bottom membrane removing.








The ribs had a great marble, much better than I expected. This certainly shone through in the finished result.








This time I have made my own rub. I did quite a bit of studying before creating my own mix, I will be messing around and refining it over the coming weeks. The ribs were slathered in American mustard and then the rub was applied. The ribs were then wrapped in cling film and left in the fridge for half a day.








The ribs were on at 225F, I left them uncovered for 6 hours and then wrapped them in foil before putting them back in the Yoder.








At around 185F internal, I took the ribs out of the foil, glazed them with a commercial BBQ sauce and put them back on the grill for another hour. This was until the internal temperature was approx 195F and the sauce had set. At this point the most important thing was the way the probe went into the meat, it was like a hot knife through butter.


The ribs were rested for around 40 mins before cutting








Each rib was cut to serve. The marbling was amazing!









I’m blown away, I was never really a Beef Rib man but am now a total convert. The flavour and tenderness is fantastic. The key is not to rush them, they take as long as they take 🙂

Hope you enjoy trying this.