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Purchasing Rubs

Wherever possible I try to buy my rubs from BBQs Plus but some of the rubs above are only available in the USA. These are the main places I buy from

Big Poppa Smokers


I then use Shipito to send goods across. This isn’t cheap and isn’t as much fun since the dollar weakened but if you must have that certain rub, this is the best way to order.

BBQ Rubs

Having a good BBQ rubs on your food can make a huge difference. It is easy enough to make up your own rubs but with such fantastic premade rubs available, it’s hard not to give them a go. Also the people that create these rubs may have spent months, if not years perfecting their secret blends and ingredients. You will also find that some of the spices and ingredients can be difficult to get in Australia.

A lot of the American rubs were not available in Australia 13 years ago but thanks to Dave at Grillpro, we now have many of these BBQ rubs in all of the metro Cities. At home we use the rubs on BBQ’d food but we also use them on anything that goes into the oven, they can really make bland food taste amazing.

Below are some of the BBQ rubs I have and continue to use.

Mad Hunky GP

Mad hunky meats have developed a BBQ rub that works well on meats as well as other foods. Rich’s general purpose rub has received the highest accolades from amateurs and professionals alike.

The Mad Hunky brand dry rub is made using the highest quality spices including Hungarian paprika and is free from gluten, peanuts and MSG. We also offer a no salt version of our rub. His dry rub will add the perfect flavour to your meats.

Rich has several BBQ rubs. The General Purpose rub goes well with everything; you can add more ingredients to the base rub, to add your own twist. He also does a couple of hotter rubs that are perfect for Chicken. His ‘Hot Whang’ and the hotter ‘Hot Ass Whang’ are great on chicken wings, perfect with a blue cheese dressing. Mad Hunky goes well with everything, even popcorn and vegetables. Mad Hunky can be ordered from BBQs Plus, click the link








Tatonka Dust

This is the most unusal flavoured rub you will try. The rub is black, which is a first. The rub contains charcoal seasonings, the smell is amazing and taste is incredible. This is our go to rub for steaks and burgers. It is not over powering but it really complements the beef flavour. This is a rub you must try.

Tatonka Dust has an unique flavor – it is Worcestershire powder, soy sauce powder, and a charcoal seasoning base mixed with onion, garlics, peppers, salts and some other secret spices that blend together perfectly for that one of a kind flavour. Tatonka Dust can be ordered online from BBQs Plus, click the link or the image









Big Poppa Smoker Rubs

BPS have a great range of championship rubs. They have won many contests over the past few years. They have some amazing rubs such as ‘Money’ but also have very unusual ones such as ‘Bacon & Jalepeno’. They certainly have a wide range of products, that will keep you experimenting for a long time.

Whether you need rub for pork, chicken, or more, Big Poppa Smokers has the best BBQ and rib rub for your grilling. Our long list of rubs come from top brands and our assortment is sure to have the rub you’re looking for. Take the flavour up a notch. Your friends won’t complain. Some BPS Rubs can be bought from BBQs Plus









Simply Marvelous Rubs

The Simply Marvellous Rubs are a little bit different, with more unusual flavours. I really enjoy the Spicy Apple Rub it is especially amazing on Pork Shoulder or even on Pork Ribs. I also enjoy the Pecan Rub on Brisket. This is a more unusual range of rubs but they are different and flavoursome.










Meatchurch Rubs

Meatchurch are new in 2016 and offer an awesome range of rubs. The rubs cover all types of meat and even have something a lilt special, with a bacon rub. You’ll be very impressed if you try this range







Eat Rubs










Plowboys Rubs

Two of my favourite rubs are from Plowboys but at this time they are not available in Australia. They have a chicken rub that is called Yardbird. We use it on crispy roast chicken skin, the taste of this crispy skin is fantastic. My wife uses this during the week on chicken that goes in the oven. They also have a rub that is especially for Beef called Bovine Bold. We use it on Brisket and it sure has a kick. Both of these rubs are well worth trying, if you can a hold of them.