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Since I really got bitten by the BBQ bug in 2012, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the best BBQ tools of the trade. I’ve invested many; many hours trawling the internet, trying to find the BBQ tool ‘must haves’. Some of the BBQ tools on the following pages are absolutely essential and others are nice to have. When I started looking, a lot of the tools were only available by importing them through a freight forwarder but thanks to some forward thinking individuals, a lot of these products are now available in Australia.

The real difference between my new way of BBQ’ing and the old way, is that everything is about internal temperature. Gone are the days of 30 mins per kg at 400F, which more often than not, ended with under or overcooked meat. Now, everything is about the internal temperature of the meat, whether you are cooking a steak, Boston Butt or Point End Brisket. The internal temperature method, more often than not, delivers fantastic BBQ. So taking this into account, the 2 main essentials in order of priority are an internal instant read thermometer and a cooking probe that checks the meat temperature and the temperature of your pit. The internal instant read thermometer is also a ‘must have’ for normal cooking in the kitchen. Since I bought the first one, my wife and I have a Thermapen. They have the magnetic cover and live on the extractor hood.

So have a good look at the tools I have used and I hope they help you achieve better Q. If you find any tools that you think are essential that you think I’ve missed, please let me know on the email link below.




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BBQ Temperature Probes