BBQ O’Connor Beef Short Ribs

This video will walk you through prepping and smoking Beef Short Ribs. In the video I cover
– Trimming of the fat and silver skin
– Removal of the membrane and Trimming between the bone
– Applying the Rub
– Worchestershire sauce
– Garlic Granules
– 3 tblsp Cracked Pepper
– 2 tblsp Kosher Salt
– Smokey Paprika
– Setting up the Sear n Slow on the Weber One Touch Kettle
– Cherry wood for Smoke flavour
– Times and Temperatures
– 275f for 9.5hours until fall through tender – 207f internal
– Hitting the right doneness

These Beef Short Ribs took a little longer than expected and could probably have done with another 20minutes but it was already 8-30pm. One end was absolutely fall apart and the other end was still a little tight but borderline. The main advice is to make sure you have plenty of time, so get your beefies on on early.

Equipment Used
Weber One Touch


Sear N Slow Plus

Mornington Prime Cuts – Home of O’Connor Beef Short Ribs

Cardboard Cutting Boards


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