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Carson Rodizio First Cook

Sher Wagyu Picanha

The Carson Rodizio was set up on my Komodo Kamado, which was loaded up with some nice sized mallee root charcoal. It was soon ready to go. This was the Carson Rodizio first cook, so I wanted to try a few different things. I had my son’s mates around, they sat in a very cold Melbourne garden around a roaring chimnea, taking in the great smells from the BBQ and drinking copious amounts of booze 🙂

One of the reasons for buying the Carson Rodizio was because I was lucky enough to have some beautifully marbled Sher Wagyu Rump Cap or Picanha if your South American. The Picanha was sliced at around 3 fingers thickness or around 7-8cm. I sliced 3 pieces of the Picanha, which was enough for 6 people. The Picanha was curved into a semi circle and was then skewered.

Sher Wagyu PicanhaSher Wagyu PicanhaSher Wagyu Picanha












A generous amount of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes were then added to the faces and fat cap of the Picanha. This is very important to maximize that churrascaria flavour.

Sher Wagyu PicanhaSher Wagyu PicanhaSher Wagyu Picanha












I also skewered some sweet peppers and sweetcorn. Basted the sweetcorn with melted butter throughout the cook and added some Mad Hunky GP Rub towards the end of the cook.









I also made also made some delicious Stuffed Mushrooms. For this I made some garlic Chilli butter and seasoned beef mince. The beef mince had salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic granules. The mushrooms had their stalks removed, the hollow was first filled with the garlic butter, then the mince was moulded on top and finally streaky bacon was wrapped around the mushroom. A sprinkle of Mad Hunky GP Rub was added to the outside of the bacon.













The Picanha and sides were all added to the Carson Rodizio at the same time. The Picanha stayed on the bottom setting, closest to the fire, for the whole cook. The rest of the sides were rotated around the rotisserie to ensure an even cook. The whole process of cooking is great fun but also turns out amazing food.













The Picanha was taken off when cooked, slices were taken off, the remaining meat had more salt added and then it went back onto the grill.
















To end the meal I used a fresh pineapple, basted in bourbon and brown sugar. This was added at the start of the cook and was basted during the cook. We served the pineapple chunks with ice cream. What a great way to end a dinner. Everyone loved it, most said the piranha was the best meat they had ever tasted. The Carson Rodizio gets 2 thumbs up from me, I can highly recommend it. Read my initial review of the Carson Rodizio, just click here