This video goes through my first rotisserie cook on the Everdure Fusion by Heston Blumenthal. I have one to play with for a week or two, so wanted to let everyone see what it does.
For this first cook I grilled a Greek style Chicken. I used a Greek marinade that included
– Olive Oil
– Lemon juice
– Lemon Rind
– Oregano
– Rosemary
– Garlic
– Thyme
– S&P
The chicken weight 1.2kg, so close to 3lbs. It took 70 minutes to get to an internal temperature of around 170F. The chicken turned out really well. Flavoursome, moist and tender. I served it with Oregano Roast Potatoes with soft coats cheese.
The Fusion worked really well. I think you need to keep close to the grill at all times. I had a few flare ups but these were kept at bay with a water sprayer.
Again I think the Fusion will do a good job and will suit a certain demographic but not all, as it doesn’t do low and slow, indirect cooking, reverse searing etc. but if you want a funky designed, hot charcoal grill with a rotisserie, you may like it.
This would be a perfect grill to sit on a balcony.