In this video I am taking a piece of Inside Skirt Steak and trimming it down. Don’t expect amazing knife skills 😃 I’m a total amateur but it trims up well.
Inside Skirt Steak is a not well know Steak cut but it is one of my favorite’s. It is a cheaper cut and I think it is better than a lot of the more popular steaks. It is fantastic in Thai Beef Salad, By itself with Chimichurri and is excellent in fajitas. It should be grilled hot and fast for a 3 minutes for a perfect medium rare. I like to cook it at 700f+ on my Komodo kamado, just make sure you grill it as hot as possible.

One of my favorite things is to give a generous coating of Tatonka Dust and squeeze some fresh lime juice on it. Make sure you slice it against the grain.

Tatonka Dust:-—brines.html

Sher Wagyu:-

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