Sher Rump Cap with Tatonka Dust

Fantastic dinner last night. We a beautiful marbled Sher rump cap. It was an F1 Rump Cap with a marble score of ms8-9, so it had a great marble. The rump cap was sliced into 200-250g portions and had a good sprinkling of Tatonka Dust applied. Tatonka Dust has activated charcoal in the rub so is very unique and perfectly matches beef.

I grilled the Sher Rump Cap on the Komodo Kamado using mallee root charcoal at 700f. I also added Grillgrates to really help with great grill marks, which don’t show particularly well due to the rub being black. The steak was grilled for a minute, turned 90 degrees grilled for a minute, flipped over for a minute, turned 90 degrees and finished for a minute, so 4 minutes in total gave a medium rare finish.