This is a review/features of the Everdure Fusion by Heston Blumenthal, after the first cook. In the review I will go through
– Unopening the box
– Assembly of the grill and the stand
– All of the key features
– Rotisserie or Rotascope
– Cliplock rotisserie forks
– Automatic ignition system
– Retractable power cord
– Hinged grill grates
– Lighting the grill
– Arranging the Charcoal
– Grilling a steak

This was my first time using the Fusion. I’m testing it for a couple of weeks and will be using the Rotascope in a future video.

The Fusion is well built and is aesthetically very pleasing. It will be good for grilling steaks, burgers, cutlets and sausages. It will also be good for grilling rotisserie Chicken and might be able to do Picanha.

It won’t do low and slow, so no Ribs or Brisket. It doesn’t have lid, so is open to the wind and elements. It was no air intake adjustment so will cook to the ambient conditions.

As long as you know what you are buying it for and it’s limitations, it will be great. It will also be a great conversation piece, as it looks so different and funky.