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Mad Hunky

I was first introduced to Mad Hunky rubs at the start of 2013, when I met US Pitmaster – Andy Groneman at an event held by Grill Pro, the importer of Yoders. At this event Andy was using some amazing rubs; one of them was Mad Hunky General Purpose Rub. I tracked down the owner Rich, in the US and placed my first order of GP Rub and Hot Ass Whang Rub. This is where my love affair of BBQ rubs first started.

Rich has been a regular on the US and Australian forums I frequent and is a top bloke. It is sometimes nice to make your own rubs but they can be hit and miss, so I generally use pre made rubs because guys like Rich have spent months, if not years perfecting their recipes. Also we struggle for some ingredients in Australia, so this is a much easier solution. You can also use his GP rub as a base and add your special, secret ingredients to make it stand out from the crowd.

Rich’s rubs are now imported into Australia and are available across the country, for you guys in Melbourne check out the BBQ’s Plus stores as they always have stock available.

Mad Hunky

When I was a kid, my grandparents,(half from the “Old Countries” of Hungary and Italy) used to live in the Rouge/Oakwood areas of Detroit. Being there put them in close proximity of the old style ethnic markets, notably Gonnella’s and the Delray Market. Oh, and Al’s Cafe’ and Major’s restaurants among many others.

Going into those places is an experience I remember to this day. The sights and smells….ahhh! Olives in barrels, Sausages hung over counters, sawdust on the floor, the gossip and information that was given and taken freely… those days are over.

Mad Hunky Meats aim is to capture some of those flavors and aromas from “the old way” of food preparation. We use natural ingredients, and do not force or rush cures or aging processes required to get that authentic taste so rarely found in this age of fast food. I’ll admit… the food goes fast, but the making of it is slooowww…