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Sher Wagyu

I first met Sher Wagyu around May 2013. The first part of my BBQ journey was about finding BBQ Equipment; this took up a lot of my time initially. Once most things were in place, I realised I had to find fantastic suppliers of meat, to ensure what I cooked, was going to taste amazing. I tried Victoria, Prahran and South Melbourne markets and struggled to get great meat, it was very hit and miss. It was even harder to find someone that actually had Brisket, cut the way the Americans butcher it. I needed full packers or Point End Brisket with the Flat and Pojnt still attached. The Sher Briskets have been perfect, so they have remained my go to Brisket supplier.

Back in May 2013 I started to host Group buys for www.aussiepitmasters.com.au . When available, we have been able to share PE Brisket, Tenderloin, Striploin, Deckle, Bolar Blade, Rump Cap, Inside Skirt Steak, Beef Cheeks, Tails and a few other cuts. What started as Group Buys for the forum expanded to work colleagues and friends. Everyone that has eaten Sher Wagyu has been amazed with the quality of the beef. I even smoked Sher Wagyu Briskets for my factory staff at the            Xmas Party. My 2 favourite Sher Wagyu cuts are the full Point End Briskets (very close to the American Full Packer) and Inside Skirt Steak.

Knowing where your meat comes from (Ballan, Vic), when it was processed and even knowing the owners, is amazing. I was very lucky to find them and always feel extremely confident BBQ’ing with their products; it’s definitely the best beef I’ve used. After buying from Sher  Wagyu over the past 14 months, I feel very honoured that they have agreed to sponsor me.

Get yourself to one of the Butchers below and try some of the cuts I have mentioned, you won’t be disappointed. From time to time I still do Group Buys, so if you are interested and can pick up from either Point Cook or Mount Waverley, drop me a line on the email link at the bottom of the page.

Sher Wagyu


Australian Wagyu beef produced by the Sher family is the ultimate eating experience. Delicious, tender and juicy with superb flavour.           Sher Wagyu has been recognised by Australia’s leading chefs by being awarded Gold Medals in the Australian Produce awards in 2009, 2010 & 2011, and finalist in 2012, 2013 & 2014.

Established in 1991, the Sher family produce F1 Wagyu x Holstein and Fullblood Wagyu beef to supply discerning customers around the world.

Sher Wagyu beef is marketed as Sher Black in Japan.

The following retail outlets usually stock one or two cuts/marble score. If you would like another cut or marble score please ask your retailer & they may be able to get it in for you.


John Harbour Quality Meats        Ballarat                          03 5332 4402

Box Hill Central Meats                Box Hill Central               03 9890 8835

Len’s Meats                               Malvern Central               03 9509 3152

Rendinas                                   North Balwyn                   03 9857 6669

Neil’s Meats                               Prahran Market               03 9827 6574

East Hawthorn Gourmet Meats    East Hawthorn                03 9882 2750

Commercial Butchers                 Camberwell Market          03 9882 0017

Salvatore Regional Butcher         Ballan                             03 5368 1117

Feast @ the Market                   Adelaide Central Market   08 8231 4700

Feast @ the Parade                   Norwood, SA                   08 8332 2538

Feast @ Unley                           Unley, SA                       08 8271 7286

Feast @ Victor                           Victor Harbor, SA            08 7522 4025