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Carson Rodizio Review Pt1

Highly Recommended

I bought some amazing Sher Wagyu Rump Cap and was looking online to see different ways of grilling it. I started to read more and more about the same cut being the no.1 cut of meat in South America, thick pieces grilled on a rotisserie, called Picanha. I had been to a South American Churrascaria where meat was grilled in a churrasco style and loved the concept of meat sliced at your table on a large skewer. Whilst looking around I came across the Carson Rodizio, made in Brazil, distributed by Blake Carson in the USA and sold by BBQ Aroma in Sydney, Australia. So I decided to buy one and add s Carson Rodizio review to my website.

The Carson Rodizio arrived incredibly well packed in a wooden crate. After a little bit of fiddling I managed to unpack all of the parts. Everything was packed well and was very easy to put together. It came with 6 skewers, 2 narrow and 4 medium width. It had a tube structure that allows for it to be adjusted to suit many BBQs. I’ve seen this fitted to Weber Gas grills, Weber Kettles and it fitted my Komodo Kamado. The stainless steel tubes reminded me of a trombone, allowing the depth to be slid in and out, being held in place with Allen screws. This means it can sit on many grills with varying depths.

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One of the first things to do is to clean the skewers. The still have an oily residue, so a quick clean before you skewer your food is highly recommended. Next sit the Carson Rodizio onto your BBQ and adjust the sliding tube sections until they are are the correct depth and lock off with the Allen screws. Then each of the skewers need to be set to suit your new depth. The rotating collar needs to be locked off at the right length using the Allen screw.
Carson RodizioCarson RodizioCarson Rodizio













Once this is complete you are ready to plug in and turn your backyard into your very own Charrascaria. I also added a couple of accessories. An Aluminium carving plate, which helps stop drips when taking skewers off and a 4 skewer holder.

Carson RodizioCarson Rodizio








I can highly recommend the Carson Rodizio it costs $700aud in June 2016. Follow this link to read about my first cook. Hope you enjoyed my Carson Rodizio review.