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Set up and season a Yoder YS640

yoder ys640

Today I set up my new YS640 Comp Cart. This is my second Yoder but this one has the Comp Cart as I intend to move this one around and use it in competitions. This guide goes through how to  set up and season a Yoder YS640

Setting up the Yoder

I bought the new Yoder from Tony at BBQ’s Plus in Melbourne. As this smoker weighs in at around 250kg, I was relieved when Tony delivered it on his new custom built Aluminium trailer, this made the offload very easy. The Yoder comes pretty much good to go and within 15 minutes you can easily have it set up and coming up to temperature.













When the smoker arrives you only need to do a few things

  • Remove the grease bucket and power lead from the hopper
  • Unwrap the 2 stainless steel plate external shelves and attach to the outside of the smoker
  • Make sure that the stainless steel firebox is correctly fitted next to the ignited rod


  • Wrap the heat deflector plate in heavy duty aluminium foil, I can highly recommend the foil from Costco
  • Install the 4 stainless steel grates into the lower shelf
  • Install the expanded metal upper shelf into the Yoder
  • Attach the chimney, ensuring that you install it flush or recessed by 3-5mm from the inside surface


  • Attach the grease bucket underneath the cart, under the drippings shoot. You will find a hook to hang it off

yoder ys640

  • Fill up the hopper with your chosen pellets, I use BBQ’ers Delight Pellets


  • Attach the power cord and you are good to go



Season with vegetable oil

However I normally add a couple of extra steps. I like to season the smoker first. This is done by applying vegetable oil to all of the inside surfaces and doing a burn off at 350F for one hour. This includes the bottom of the pit, the walls and the grates. I use kitchen towels to lightly rub in the vegetable oil.















When you are ready to grill, turn on the Yoder through the waterproof cover. Press the start button and then use the increase/decrease buttons to get the correct temperature. For burn in use 350F.

Season the Yoder with Bacon

I also like to season/christen the smoker by grilling a whole pack of bacon on the grills. I just think its nice to season the grills with all of that bacony goodness 🙂 and its tastes amazing. Both of these steps are not essential but I like to do them.













I have also added some Nomex self adhesive tape on the inside of the lid. This is certainly not essential but worked well on the last Yoder.


I hope you find this useful if you buy a Yoder Smoker, this is my second so I know you will not be disappointed.